Yandere bnha x reader lemon

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Yandere bnha x reader lemon

Katsuki shifted closer, head resting on your shoulder. And my scent is wearing off. It was spring, the birds were chirping, flowers blooming, and you were miserable.

That was probably best, you had ruined his sweater, and taking it off had decreased his scent, which in turn was getting you unwanted attention. Another incident with him storming into your room with flames covering half of his body was the last thing you needed.

You were going to fail if this went on for much longer, truth be told. With that in mind, you tried to focus fully on your work. He wasted no time plopping down next to you, eyeing your work with obvious distaste.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Your attention should be on him. When you only mumbled out a reply, something about needing to get this done, his annoyance spiked. The alpha sat back up, snarling quietly as he grabbed your work and tossed it off of the bed. Any complaints died when you saw how angry he was, green eyes brighter than usual and canines sharp. You bit your nails as you waited on the bed, the league had had a mission, and Dabi told you to stay right where you were. You were too worried to read, your mind just drifted back to Dabi, wondering if he was okay.

The door to your room finally opened, revealing a, thankfully, uninjured Dabi. He buried his face in your neck, breathing your scent in deeply and letting out a sigh. Warnings: omegaverse fuckery, yandere, dark themes, very slight daddy kink, very slight breeding kink. Entirely self indulgent which is wack because usually when I write AOB shit I have the shield of it being a request up.

yandere bnha x reader lemon

Usually I try to stray away from describing things about bodies for self-inserts, but I did a little bit for this one. Anyways, have some nasty trash. Aizawa was a patient and experienced man. He was no stranger to having a cat he rescued off the street become reclusive in his domain— only making appearances when they needed to eat, drink, and relieve themselves, so it was not too alarming when he brought you, a criminal vigilante, back to his home and you had reacted similarly.

yandere bnha x reader lemon

He understood that you needed your space. The last thing Aizawa wanted was for you to hate him, so at first he had repressed his need to claim you immediately in order to help you acclimate to your new environment. He was fervently against forcing himself on you, even if his nature told him that it was his right.

Before you became a suitable partner, you had to be his pet. You had to be his comfortable pet.

Dabi x Reader

Keep reading. How would yandere Bakugou, Dabi, Fumikage, Izuku, and Kirishima react to their darling developing Stockholm Syndrome and her devotion showing when somebody finally shows up to rescue her? Originally posted by osakaxkobe. Bakugou had finally been happy. It had taken so long and so much work, but your life together was so…perfect. His darling was finally settled down and he finally felt at peace.

Maybe that peace was what caused this. Maybe he had gotten lax or lazy or something. Somehow or another, some wannabe hero had found out about everything.I tried my best. The bar was unusually rowdy, a stark contrast from the usual slow nights. From the moment the group of men stepped in, the villains saw trouble, and started to take turns keeping watch of Himiko.

Their head was buzzing as they listened to her ramble on about her latest crush, nodding along. Their head sagged down against their hand, and after Himiko noticed she reached for the bottle with a smirk. She laughed and tried to wiggle out of their grip. He stumbled back a bit, looking up to meet their eyes. His eyes lingered on the burn that covered the right side of their face and the artificial eye at the center of it, before quickly looking down to the bottle. No one spoke, and the tensions started to rise, the man becoming more anxious by the moment.

The bottle broke, showering the area with glass and whiskey, and the group of men all stumbled back. Dabi nodded, leaving the room, while Jin shuffled his way to their bed. He ran his hand up and down their bare back, feeling the tension leave their body and their breathing start to slow. Shaking their shoulder he let out a laugh. Dabi returned at that moment, holding three bottles of water in his arms, and sporting his usual dry smirk. They smiled, mumbling something under their breath, fighting to open their eyes to look at the men.

He reached up to grab their face right as they were going in for another peck, their eyes widened in shock, and their hands reached up to grab his. About: Finding it hard to make money you accepted the job opening at a cafe.

After coming across a note you decided to answer back only for it to turn into something more than just friendship. If you guys have any suggestions pls let me know.

But there will be a few twists and turns I hope :. Desperation might even be better than genuine devotion. If you want to be involved with the yakuza, you better prove you belong. Trust him. You just need to relax. He can feel your thighs trembling next to his on the couch in his office while he bounces you up and down in his lap.

Are you tired? Are you crying?Kirishima is laying on the couch, half asleep after coming back from a rough battle. You are doing the dishes, cleaning up after dinner. You look back at where Kirishima is. You smile, thinking that sometimes he works a little too hard. After finishing up the dishes you make your way towards him, leaning over the couch to look at his face.

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You stroke a lock of hair out of it. You pull his arm. Just sit in the bath, I will clean you and everything. Kirishima quickly gets off the couch after you say that. You start taking off your top and jeans.

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Kirishima just stands and stares so you raise an eyebrow at him and point your finger up and down at him. You turn your attention back to the bath which is now filled and hot so you turn off the faucet. Kirishima comes up behinds you, completely naked. You blush a little at seeing him but move aside so he can get in. Kirishima gets in the bath, letting out a sigh. You get into the bath and do exactly what he asked. You lean your back against his chest and turn your head, giving him a kiss.

He moves your hair to the side and starts kissing your neck. You sigh, enjoying him pampering you. Soon though you feel his boner poking against your butt, making you gasp. He whines and puts his hands on your breasts. Kirishima starts rubbing your breasts, making you stop laughing and instead moaning. He teases your nipples and gropes you harshly. Kirishima groans and blinks the sleep out of his eyes. You giggle. You go to the bathroom with Kirishima and start running the bath.

Kirishima yawns. Kirishima rubs himself up against you, grunting at the feeling. You start rubbing your butt against his dick and he growls loudly into your ear.Requests are still closed though you scums. Includes: non-con, breeding, marking, past trauma, mental abuse, rough sex, manipulation, black mail. She lost the note. A love letter she wrote to be exact. She whimper standing in the empty class room ruffling her hair in frustration, she had a huge crush on the class president.

yandere bnha x reader lemon

There was just something so lovely about him but he was so hard to get to emotionally wise. So Midoriya suggested she wrote to him. It was silly very much so but she put a lot into that note and now it was gone.

She hoped no one head found it and brought it to him themselves because now she was regretting it. When a few knocks filled her ears she jumped before looking at the open door of the classroom seeing a blond from one of the other classes. She huffed and Neito grinned stepping into the classroom holding up a envelope, a rather familiar envelope might she had.

It hit her hard, that was hers and he had it. Her hostile tone turned into a softer, more desperate one rather quickly. It was still sealed shut, that was good enough. She stepped away from the desk she had been at and stepped in his direction. However she shuddered at the smile he gave her as he lowered his hand that held the letter putting it into his back pocket.

She asked, determination in her eyes. He had to stop himself from acting so quickly but oh how he was going to ruin that look. He was going to break her, how dare his future wife write letters to other men. And that male Iida as well?

He let out a dramatic sigh at his thoughts as he stood before her standing taller than her as well. He hummed leaning in, his words climbing into her ears making her shudder before gasping.

She pushed him away anger on her features this time. Neito grinned covering her mouth rather firmly to shut her up.

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As she struggled to get away from it only to end up getting pushed down on one of the desk him sliding in between her legs as her skirt slid up her thighs. She struggled, on his pushing on his chest as strong as she could the other trying to pull his hand away.

He was so strong though. He towered over her, the room dark with only the afternoon sun lighting it up as he looked down at her surprised face then down her body to her skirt looking at the cute panties she wore. He cooed at them wishing to rip them off with his teeth already and eat her out like a starved man. He hummed removing his hand and kissed her hard the second she tried to scream. His tongue shooting down her throat purring at the gagging sounds she let slip.

Her hands pushing harder on his chest, he was fine with it at first. She had a lot of dirt on her. He knew she was the one when he had first seen her, the girl he wanted to take good care of and keep hidden away from the cruel world forever.

He especially hand fun killing off all those men. She wiggled under him more and more, it was getting harder to breathe and he pushed against her pressing their fronts together with earnest allowing her to feel the semi hard member in his pants making her gasp and choke up.The Dabi lemon no one asked for, lmao. You watched with flushed cheeks, chest heaving under the weight of your heavy heart as Dabi fiddled with the buckle of his belt. Even through the black fabric of his pants, the large bulge underneath was too distinct to ignore.

And by the frantic manner in which his fingers were tugging at his bindings, you knew that he was just as excited as you were—if not more.

Finally, he pulled down his waistband, revealing his stiff, throbbing member. You stared at it in a sort of mindless awe for a few seconds, having to keep yourself from drooling at its size. You shook your head, stammering out a retort. You felt your blush deepen at his words, but were already far too worked up to even consider backing down. You could clearly see every detail of his toned chest and abs; every bulge and dip of his musculature.

Your eyes had dilated from the sheer arousal of the situation. Unable to resist any longer, you gripped the base of his shaft and took his cock into your mouth. Dabi let out a groan of pleasure, fingers tensing by his sides. You moaned back in response, taking a second just to adjust to the sensation of your mouth being so full. Working slowly, you slid your lips all the way down, fighting back the urge to gag. You looked up at him through lidded eyes, feeling your slick drip down your legs.

The gentle lolling of your tongue against his shaft sent subtle vibrating all along, causing it to twitch in your mouth. You let out a whine of pleasure as you bobbed your head forward. Dabi was staring down at you with hungry, merciless eyes. He licked his lips ever so often, making sure to never break your gaze.

You let out a sharp cry, feeling his fingers grab fistfuls of your hair. With a forceful tug, he pushed on the back of your head, guiding your face up and down his cock. Your throat erupted into a fiery burn all too soon, but the pain was one that caused chills to break out on the back of your neck.

Dabi snarled deeply, now thrusting openly into your mouth. You look so damn cute with my cock in your mouth. You like that, huh? You like when I fuck your pretty little face?

You hummed in affirmation, craving more and more of his dirty taunts. The corners of your eyes had begun to water from the sensation of his length being pressed up into your skull, and you were utterly and completely at his mercy.And he was bluntly flirting with you.

You're Hot When You're Angry - Bakugou x Reader ASMR [Boku no Hero Academia Fanfiction reading ]

The exercise is to state the facts in our report. You smack his hand away. The search ended when you spot him in the corner. As you walk forward, someone else came into view.

A girl. But she was definitely pretty. He picked it up, from what he could tell, it was a boy. Thank you for taking care of Carlos!

yandere bnha x reader lemon

I thought I really lost him there! They stared intently at each other for a moment, before realizing they were looking at each other without saying anything.

They blush and turn away from each other. That was three years ago. My friends are out there, risking their lives to save others. And you want me to just stand back!? Tears started to prick your eyes as you tried to stay calm. What if my friends die!? All Might reached out to you as you left. You were the light of his life. He just wanted to protect you.

omegaverse bnha x reader

As you stormed out, your thoughts were scrambling together. You wipe away a tear and headed out to the front lines. Your body was sprawled across the sidewalk. Belly down and crawling, trying to get somewhere. You really thought of him as your father. He took care of you, and you refused that just an hour ago.

Yagi, come in.Also I like yandere Kirishima apparently so I might just make this a series or something.

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Part 1. Originally posted by fan-tashia. Your captor mumbled as calloused fingers combed through your locks. It was therapeutic to Eijirou; to tend to your hair every morning before the hero left for work. All he wanted was to take care of you, and for you to just let him. Crimson eyes gleamed with childlike anticipation as he twirled you toward the mirror.

Pima jc

Do you like it? His efforts, despite being the product of his drowning adoration, did not produce a… refined result. It was established early during your captivity that submission was met with reward; a kiss to remove that damnable gag, an embrace to rid yourself of the burning ropes around your wrist.

So you nodded, slowly and hesitantly as tears trickled down your cheeks. A grin, sharp and beaming, cut across his face.

That love-drunk gaze, so maniacal in its infatuation, was enough to chill you to the core. It was a routine Eijirou was adamant on maintaining. You stilled your breath in an attempt to make your fingers do the same. The hair-pin in each hand rattled against the lock.

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Just like they do in the moviesyou told yourself over and over, hoping it would somehow cease the shaking of your fingers. Behind that reinforced window, was freedom. Kirishima was attending some mandatory gala event among his fellow heroes, giving you ample time to enact your escape, and the cover of night would prove useful against the subsequent man-hunt that would surely ensue after he found you missing. The promise of breathing air unpolluted by his musk or the intrusive scent of his cologne was utterly tantalizing.

That hope, that dreamwas made more tangible with each click and slide of the lock mechanism. Then, slicing through the silence, an almost deafening creak resounded. You struggled to breathe as it became clear - footsteps, pounding toward you.


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